Hi. I'm EthaN.

Photo: Daniel Johnson

Photo: Daniel Johnson

I believe that when we create together, we are creating love. As an artist, I choose to act from a place of love regardless of the medium.

Alongside friends and strangers, I started Love Extremist with a simple heart symbol in 2015.  It has since blossomed into a platform for media, products and projects that inspire creative expression as a path to empowerment and love. My mission is to inspire love activism with creative expression.

I host a podcast, make mantra videos, write about healing and share music. Here’s what I see.

I also dream up and host experiences in a space I call The Outernet and convene multi-generational conversations on gender, health and art with organizations like Summit Series, The World Economic Forum and NPR.  Check out The Do Tank to see some of my recent projects and click here to meet my collaborators.

I’m also the co-founder of Apliiq, a platform that empowers creative entrepreneurship with custom apparel.