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Love Extremists wearing their pins (via    Instagram   )

Love Extremists wearing their pins (via Instagram)


Let's define it together…

A Love Extremist is part of an evolving exploration, engaging in conversations and expressions of love as joyous activism.

In 2015, after hearing Christian Picciolini speak, a former Neo-Nazi and founder of Life After Hate, Ethan Lipsitz created the heart symbol, turned it into a pin and began giving them away to friends as a way to explore the opposite of extremist hate. The pins became desirable artifacts of self-expression and instant conversation starters.  Ethan found his definition of Extremist Love in the confluence of creativity and community, when people make art together, it often becomes a defiant act of love and joy. 

When you order pins you can choose to receive two, twenty five or one hundred.  They’re meant to be given away, talked about and shared socially so that our world can open to the potential of love in its extremist of forms.  All profits from pin sales are donated to Life After Hate, 'dedicated to inspiring individuals to a place of compassion and forgiveness for everyone, including themselves.'

Wear your pin, give one away, spark conversations and let's engage each other and ourselves as Love Extremists.

We want to know what you find on your journey, find us spreading love on the radio, in our projects and join us on Instagram. #loveextremist