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Nobody Heals Alone

Yesterday I felt the familiar ‘aura’ as I turned my car into an alley down the street from my house. I have a habit of driving down the alleys of my neighborhood and feeling comfort in the tight single lanes, sandwiched between fences, dog barks, forgotten fruit trees, gang tags and crusted garage doors.

This time I wasn’t able to celebrate the special texture of the alley as my mind was focused on getting home, ‘don’t lose it, be strong Ethan’ I told myself, control could be lost at any moment.

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Life Drugs

I’ve been taking a lot of medicine lately. It started with the seizure and ramped up after surgery. My daily regimen isn’t too crazy now but it’s definitely a change to be ingesting pills twice a day, something I luckily never did with regularity in my life… Alongside all the pharmaceutical prescriptions, I’ve discovered a number of medicines that have been integral in healing my body and spirit beyond pill form.

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Here We Go Strong

At 1am on the 29th of June, I was in bed with a serious fever when my body was overtaken with what felt like a muscle spasm in my right leg and turned into a full blown seizure. I tried to breathe down the spasm as I felt my body tense up my right side and over to the left, my frame fully flexing, the muscles and bones starting to crack as I became terrified, unable to move.

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