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What’s The Straight, Cis, White Man’s Role in a Post Patriarchal World?

I’ve recently been going around town with a couple friends asking people to creatively express their vision of a Post-Patriarchal world and sharing the responses on an instagram page and website. On the surface, it would appear I am delusional, both in asking this question given our current state of ‘pubic’ affairs and given my self-identified gender, race and sexual orientation. ‘Who does this silly white dude think he is asking this ridiculous question?’

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These Days, Being a huMAN Sure Ain’t Easy

It seems like every day a news story breaks about a man in a position of power using their sexual energy without consent or respect. The stories I hear in the news are usually about men who are respected in their chosen profession, with public personas who many would never consider to be capable of such toxic behavior. While those who are calling out this toxic behavior continue to show immense bravery, speaking out against harassment and trauma, I’ve experienced an eerie silence amongst us men.

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