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In These Volatile Times, Spreading Joy is an Act of Resistance

It’s easy to get caught in the collective stress, fear, anger, frustration and pain du jour. It seems that every hour there’s a new serving of negative news, lots of it coming from the seats of power in Washington DC and plenty more traveling across the planet through tragedies of nature, commerce, violence and warfare. If you choose to pay attention, it’s hard not to become affected by the waves of panic, anger and fear and for many it takes a toll on the body.

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How Will You Play the Hand You’ve Been Dealt?

Sometimes life deals us a shitty deck of cards. In my case it was a seizure last summer that led to the diagnosis of a Stage III Anaplastic Astrocytoma in my brain, a malignant brain tumor…

We all have a life path that shows itself over time, some of the time it’s bumpy and ugly, some of the time it’s smooth and beautiful. In my view it’s not worth consistently focusing on the details of the bumps, obstacles and challenges but rather understanding how to grow through them.

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These Days, Being a huMAN Sure Ain’t Easy

It seems like every day a news story breaks about a man in a position of power using their sexual energy without consent or respect. The stories I hear in the news are usually about men who are respected in their chosen profession, with public personas who many would never consider to be capable of such toxic behavior. While those who are calling out this toxic behavior continue to show immense bravery, speaking out against harassment and trauma, I’ve experienced an eerie silence amongst us men.

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