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That Sun is Shining on You

I’m taking some time trampling around Europe for the next few weeks and have found myself spending this summer solstice in Ibiza, a place I always associated with international jet setters dancing to electronic music all day and night amongst luxury villas dotting the coastline. While these ingredients surely exist throughout this magical island, I have come to discover rich natural and historic agrarian beauty overwhelming my senses and offering so much to take in and enjoy beyond the dance floor.

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In These Volatile Times, Spreading Joy is an Act of Resistance

It’s easy to get caught in the collective stress, fear, anger, frustration and pain du jour. It seems that every hour there’s a new serving of negative news, lots of it coming from the seats of power in Washington DC and plenty more traveling across the planet through tragedies of nature, commerce, violence and warfare. If you choose to pay attention, it’s hard not to become affected by the waves of panic, anger and fear and for many it takes a toll on the body.

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