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That Sun is Shining on You

I’m taking some time trampling around Europe for the next few weeks and have found myself spending this summer solstice in Ibiza, a place I always associated with international jet setters dancing to electronic music all day and night amongst luxury villas dotting the coastline. While these ingredients surely exist throughout this magical island, I have come to discover rich natural and historic agrarian beauty overwhelming my senses and offering so much to take in and enjoy beyond the dance floor.

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To Radiate

Today lets play with the word ‘radiate’. I have been ‘radiating’ daily for the last 5 weeks and I think it’s really working, I think I am actually starting to truly radiate. Tis strange since what I call radiating is what most people call radiation treatment but I am feeling the double meaning hard and have been integrating a few additional practices to shine as brightly as possible through this experience.

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